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v0.1 - 2007/09/13
initial version
v0.2 - 2007/09/28
* return PID of the child process
* added ":detach => false" option
v0.3 - 2007/10/15
* added ':method => :thread' for threaded spawns
* removed ':detach => false' option in favor of more generic implementation
* added ability to set configuration of the form 'Spawn::method :thread'
* added patch to ActiveRecord::Base to allow for more efficient reconnect in child processes
* added monkey patch for
* added wait() method to wait for spawned code blocks
* don't allow threading if allow_concurrency=false
v0.4 - 2008/1/26
* default to :thread on windows, still :fork on all other platforms
* raise exception when used with :method=>:true and allow_concurrency != true
v0.5 - 2008/3/1
* also default to :thread on JRuby (java)
* added new :method => :yield which doesn't fork or thread, this is useful for testing
* fixed problem with connections piling up on PostgreSQL
v0.6 - 2008/04/21
* only apply clear_reloadable_connections patch on Rails 1.x (7579 fixed in Rails 2.x)
* made it more responsive in more environments by disconnecting from the listener socket in the forked process
v0.7 - 2008/04/24
* more generic mechanism for closing resources after fork
* check for existence of Mongrel before patching it
v0.8 - 2008/05/02
* call exit! within the ensure block so that at_exit handlers aren't called on exceptions
* set logger from RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER if available, else STDERR
v0.9 - 2008/05/11
* added ability to set nice level for child process
v1.0 - 2010/10/09
* merged edged to master, let's call this version 1.0
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