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Titanium-backbone is a framework for building native iOS and Android apps using Titanium and Backbone.

Current status

This project is in very early stages of extraction from a production mobile banking application, but the ideas and patterns extracted have worked very well within this large app. We're taking the time to refactor as we extract so it should be even cleaner.

We have a Google Group at if you'd like to participate.


Install Titanium SDK

Visit the Titanium download page and follow the instructions from there to download Titanium Studio (and the Titanium SDK), or clone the GitHub repository at

Clone the project to your development machine:

$ git clone
$ cd titanium-backbone

Install package dependencies

$ npm install

Run the app generator to create a new mobile app

$ ./bin/tb new [app name]
# Run ./bin/tb new --help for instructions

Optional: Install and run the app generator globally by running:

$ npm install -g
$ tb new --help

Running the tests

The test suite can be run using npm:

$ npm test


During development it can be helpful to use testem for monitoring the source files and rerunning the tests as the underlying files are changed.

To use testem, run the following in the titanium-backbone directory:

$ npm install -g testem
$ testem
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