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Trac plugin for embedding wiki pages in other wiki pages
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TracSubPages is a Trac plugin that supplies a macro allowing full wiki pages to be displayed inside of other wiki pages. This is useful if there is a piece of content (such as a contact table or log) that needs to be displayed in multiple places, as it eliminates the need for each instance of this content to be maintained.


The syntax for the subpage macro is simple::

[[subpage(wiki_page, [show_link])]]

Where `wiki_page` is the wiki page (No url is needed here, nor 'wiki/', just the page). The macro supports pages that aren't top-level, too ('BigCategory/SpecificSubject'). The second argument, `showlink` is an optional argument (`true` or `false`) that determines whether or not a link to edit the rendered page will be shown at the bottom of the subpage section (The link reads 'Edit Section' and provides a link directly to the edit page of the referenced wiki page). 

For example, if a user had created a wiki pages called 'Minutes' and wanted to display it inline in another wiki page without a link to edit it, he or she would add the following entry to the wiki page that is intended to display the extra content::

[[subpage(Minutes, False)]]

If the user later decided that he or she wanted a link to be placed at the bottom of the inline section for quick editing, the entry should be changed as follows::


Note that the second boolean argument 'True' is not needed, as it is assumed by default.


 * A wiki page needs to exist before you link to it with a subpage macro. This may seem obvious, but the error caused by a broken link isn't very descriptive (yet).
 * Please use only wiki formatting for subpages. The use of macros can (and probably will) cause errors.
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