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= ticket2rtm =
A Trac plugin that synchronizes Trac tickets and RTM tasks.
- when a ticket is created, a RTM task also will be added.
- when you close a ticket, the associated RTM task will be completed.
== Install ==
=== build ===
1. edit Makefile and set PLUGINS_DIR to your Trac plugin dir
2. make
1. python --bdist_egg
2. copy dist/TracTicket2RTMPlugin*.egg into your Trac plugin dir
=== RTM API key, token ===
This plugin requires RTM API key, shared secret, and write-permitted token.
You can obtain your API key and shared secret from [ here].
After acquired key and shared secret, you can get your token by using bundled script.
Run as follow:
% python <API key> <shared secret>
== Configuration ==
1. copy/paste contents of trac_ini_sample.txt to your trac.ini
2. set rtm_api_key, rtm_api_secret, rtm_api_token to ones acquired above
Motohiro Takayama <>
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