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WorkflowNotificationPlugin enables flexible configuration of email notifications tied to ticket workflow changes.

Administrators can configure any number of distinct email notifications to be sent out when a workflow operation occurs on a ticket. Each email notification is specifically attached to one or more workflow operations, so (for example) separate emails can be sent out when a ticket is accepted, reassigned, resolved, reopened, or marked "in QA".

Each email notification's subject, body, and recipients are fully configurable by administrators, as Genshi templates which have access to the ticket's data, the comment (if any) that was left on the ticket, and the author of the change. Therefore notifications can be very flexible: some notifications can be sent to the ticket's reporter, others to its owner or CC list, others to the current updater, and others to hard-coded lists of users.

The notification emails sent by this plugin respect trac's ALWAYS_CC and ALWAYS_BCC settings.

The notification emails sent by this plugin are orthogonal to trac's ALWAYS_NOTIFY_UPDATER, ALWAYS_NOTIFY_OWNER, and ALWAYS_NOTIFY_REPORTER settings; Trac's built-in email notifications will be sent according to those settings, independent of this plugin's emails.

For docs on installation, configuration, and examples, please refer to