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Modified NavAdd

This is a modified version of the NavAddPlugin for Trac:

I added support for a notperm config option to allow you to add or hide nav plugins based on a permission that the user doesn’t have.


sudo python install

Add this to your trac.ini file

navadd.* = enabled


This example will show a Login link in the user has the WIKI_VIEW permission but doesn’t have the TICKET_CREATE permission.

Then it will add a Logout link if the user has the TICKET_CREATE permission.

add_items = login, logout
login.title = Login
login.url = /sso/catch.php
login.perm = WIKI_VIEW = mainnav
login.notperm = TICKET_CREATE

logout.title = Logout
logout.url = /sso/catch.php
logout.perm = TICKET_CREATE = mainnav