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The TracDocs project is a plugin for the trac project management tool.

Many documents exists adjacent to the code that is being developed and managed. These documents are not conveniently stored in a wiki due to the lack of offline access and editing. Also, a wiki tends to be less structured than the documentation that lives with source code.

The TracDocs plugin adds a "Docs" tab to the trac project. Underneath this tab can be found all of the documentation that the current logged in user has access to.

Some features:

  • Uses RestructuredText as a markup language.

  • Supports inline images and links.

  • Highlights source code using google-code-prettify.

  • Supports editing through Subversion and the Trac website.

  • Handles user permission using Subversion authorization.

  • Supports downloading binaries with proper mime-types for non-text files.

Note: this plugin respects the access rights of the user that is logged in.


The TracDocs plugin can be installed using standard:

$ pip install tracdocs

Or, grab the sources and build using:

$ python install


It is configured in the trac.ini file by enabling the component and configuring the path within the Subversion repository to store the wiki documents:

tracdocs.* = enabled

root = wiki/trunk

By default, it will show the title of the directory that you are navigating, but if you create an index.txt file in the directory, it will use that instead, allowing you to put additional documentation at the top of a directory structure.

It uses the WIKI_VIEW permissions to control access to the documentation pages.