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Some various ideas for improving tracstats (in no particular order):
* Select by author, path, file extension, etc.
* Most edited files, directories, projects, etc.
* Active users by revisions, by changes, by frequency, etc.
* Commits - total, first, last, average-per-day, etc.
* Graphs by day-of-week, by hour-of-day, etc.
* Percent of codebase modified
* Percent of paths modified
* Lines of code changed - average, top 10, etc.
* Ticket duration (open to close) -- worst, best, average, etc.
* Ticket response time (open to first response) -- same...
Perhaps we should separate into sections:
* Project Summary
* Developer Leaderboard
* Developer Profile
* Codebase Statistics
* Wiki Statistics
* Tickets Statistics
* Recent Activity
Main page::
Total # of authors
Total revisions
Total pages
Total tickets
[X] Code [X] Wiki [X] Tickets
[ Code Changes ] [ Wiki Changes ] [Ticket Changes ]
Latest commits
#120234 "Something is changed..." committed "2 hours ago" by "username"
Latest wiki changes
"WikiPage" changed "4 hours ago" by "username"
Latest tickets reported
#34234 "Something is broken" reported "14 hours ago" by "username"
All bugs ever reported
Detect languages used (perhaps just file extensions)::
Languages: Python, C, Assembly
time sqlite3 trac.db "select rev, path, change_type, author from node_change join revision using (rev)" > ~/foo
time sqlite3 trac.db "select rev, path, change_type from node_change" > ~/foo
time sqlite3 trac.db "select rev, path, change_type from node_change left join revision rev using (rev)" > ~/foo
time sqlite3 trac.db "select rev, path, change_type from node_change" > ~/foo