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An interactive guide for web page elements using jQuery and CSS3.


  1. Add references in your code to pageguide.js, jQuery & pageguide.css
  2. Add a document ready callback to setup the page guide
  3. Add a simple <ul> to the bottom of the pages you want the pageguide to appear on.
  4. Customize the page guide tour title.

An example:

Step 1 - Add pageguide.js

Add <script src="pageguide.js"></script> to the bottom of your html document, right before your closing </body> tag.

We provide both the standard js as well as a minified version.

Step 2 - Add pageguide.css

Add <link rel="stylesheet" href="stylesheets/pageguide.css"> to the header of your html document.

We provide a css file as well as a minified version. Alternatively, we use LESS CSS at Tracelytics, so we provide that as well.

Step 3 - Add setup code

Add the following block of JavaScript to your html document:

$(document).ready(function() {{ /* optional preferences go here */ }); });

Step 4 - Choose the elements that you want included in the page guide.

pageguide.js matches the first occurrence of the selector you specify in the <ul> you put on your pages in the next step.

Step 5 - Add the pageguide.js <ul> near the bottom of your pages.

<ul id="tlyPageGuide" data-tourtitle="REPLACE THIS WITH A TITLE">
  <li class="tlypageguide_left" data-tourtarget=".first_element_to_target">
      Here is the first tour item description. The number will appear to the left of the element.
  <li class="tlypageguide_right" data-tourtarget="#second_element_to_target">
      Here is the second tour item description. The number will appear to the right of the element.
  <li class="tlypageguide_top" data-tourtarget=".third_element_to_target">
      Here is the third tour item description. The number will appear above of the element.
  <li class="tlypageguide_bottom" data-tourtarget="#fourth_element_to_target">
      Here is the fourth tour item description. The number will appear below of the element.

See it IRL:


Bugfix? Cool new feature? Alternate style? Send us a pull request!

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