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Tracim is a tool designed to help you and your team to a better collaboration. It's officially supported in Arabic, English, French, German and Portuguese.

Any questions, remarks? Reach us on Tracim Community.
More informations on our website.

Quick start (using Docker)

An easy way to start using Tracim is to use the Docker image.

mkdir -p ~/tracim/etc
mkdir -p ~/tracim/var
docker run -e DATABASE_TYPE=sqlite -p 8080:80 -v ~/tracim/etc:/etc/tracim -v ~/tracim/var:/var/tracim algoo/tracim

Then, you can access the application at http://localhost:8080

The credentials to access the application are:

  • email: admin@admin.admin
  • password: admin@admin.admin

For advanced docker-based usage, look at the full Tracim Docker documentation

Build Tracim from source

See Building Tracim from source

Testing Tracim

See Testing Tracim

Run Tracim for production

See Running Tracim for production


There are several ways to contribute to Tracim, here are some tips:

For more information about contributing to Tracim, see the Contributing to Tracim page.

Translation status

We are adding to Tracim interface every translations that once reached 50%.

Translation status





Weblate is an open source translation service, they are helping us to translate Tracim by providing a hosting service.


BrowserStack supports open source projects, and graciously helps us testing Tracim on every devices.