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  • opendata-e18.array.json.gz: this is a collection, like [{},{},{}] it is the proper JSON format
  • opendata-e18.tableau.json.gz: this is a file with {}\n{}\n{}\n, has one object every line, it works for Tableau while the one above doesn't
  • api-posts-e18.array.json.gz: this file follow the same format of the Facebook API, plus there is a publisherOrientation field.
  • api-posts-e18.tableau.json.gz: this file has the same format {}\n{}\n{}\n usable by Tableau.

Object "opendata-e18" structure

The collection contains 193808 object with these fields:

"_id" : ObjectId("5ab919032076215038537c36"),
"impressionOrder" : 42,
"impressionTime" : ISODate("2018-01-10T19:07:34.000Z"),
"profileName" : "Michele",
"profileAlign" : "far-right",
"publicationTime" : ISODate("2018-01-10T17:55:00.000Z"),
"visualizationDiff" : 4354,
"postId" : "10156069251662459",
"utype" : "post",
"displayName" : "Il Giornale",
"externals" : 1,
"timelineId" : "38bf77cb13909f633fb2de38d7ec9ca0ead2a91b",
"permaLink" : "/ilGiornale/posts/10156069251662459",
"rtotal" : "6",
"comments" : "0",
"shares" : "0",
"id" : "27acd5e4caaa123301115e9e10e4547e15acc578",
"by" : "fbtrex",
"publisherName" : "Il Giornale",
"publisherOrientation" : "right",
"observed" : 1

Fields description

Every object represent a Facebook post appear in the profile timeline. The profiles are six, the pages they were following 30. All the objects are a combo of these two lists. These object take name of impression because the post is a unique publication from a publisherName, with a unique postId. The same postId can appear more to more profileName and even to the same profileName in different timelineId, imply a different impressionTime and probably a different impressionOrder.

  • "_id" : ObjectId("5ab919032076215038537c36") native MongoDB ID, you can ignore it.
  • "profileName" : "Michele" name of the profile, they are six, every name has the same profileAlign
  • "impressionOrder" : 42 position in the timeline of the post
  • "impressionTime" : ISODate("2018-01-10T19:07:34.000Z") time of visualization
  • "profileAlign" : "far-right" political orientation we forced upon the profile, by liking selected content
  • "publicationTime" : ISODate("2018-01-10T17:55:00.000Z") time of publication, this is linked to postId
  • "visualizationDiff" : 4354 seconds of different between publicationTime and impressionTime
  • "postId" : "10156069251662459" unique post Identified took from Facebook, every post has a different one
  • "utype" : "post" kind of content: post, photos, video
  • "displayName" : "Il Giornale" the name display on the timeline, it can be also "Il Giornal shared 6 picuture", for a more stable page Id, use publisherName
  • "externals" : 1 number of external links
  • "timelineId" : "38bf77cb13909f633fb2de38d7ec9ca0ead2a91b" identifier unique among all the impressions of the same timeline
  • "permaLink" : "/ilGiornale/posts/10156069251662459" facebook permaLink, in case you want to compose the facebook URL of the post
  • "rtotal" : "6" total reactions at impressionTime. rtotal is the number of likes+sad+angry+wow+love buttons
  • "comments" : "0" number of comment at impressionTime
  • "shares" : "0" number of shares at impressionTime
  • "id" : "27acd5e4caaa123301115e9e10e4547e15acc578" unique id, it is different from every impression, and you can retrieve the original HTML collected by us by changing the ID in this URL
  • "by" : "fbtrex" this is fixed in this collection
  • "publisherName" : "Il Giornale" name of the page publishing the postId
  • "publisherOrientation" : "right" political affiliation we attributed to this publisherName
  • "observed" : 1 number of time the postId appear on this profileName