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Trackit helps you understand and improve your use of AWS


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TrackIt is a tool to optimize your AWS cloud usage and spending.


  • Easy account setup


  • AWS Cost Breakdown


  • AWS Tags overview


  • Events alerts


How to use

With Docker Compose

You can start using TrackIt by using the docker-compose.yml template available in this repository. It will pull Docker images from Docker Registry.

$> docker-compose up -d

You can also build locally the needed Docker images by using the docker-compose.yml file available in docker/ folder.

$> docker-compose up -d -f docker/docker-compose.yml


0. Be sure all requirements below are met

1. Clone this repository

$> mkdir -p $HOME/go/src/
$> cd $HOME/go/src/
$> git clone
$> cd trackit

2. Check out dependencies

$> govendor sync -v

3. Start TrackIt

$> ./

Note: On most operating systems, you will need to increase the mmap limit to allow elasticsearch to run properly:

$> sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

4. Now you can use TrackIt

TrackIt API is now listening on localhost:8080

Web UI

A Web UI made with React is available here: TrackIt Client

API documentation

The API exposes its own documentation on the GET /docs route, in JSON format. Also, the documentation for each route can be retrieved by an OPTIONS request. We are working on an actual viewer for this.

Recommendation plugins

Trackit uses a plugin system to easily implement new recommendation checks. Information on how to write plugins is available in a README in the plugins directory.