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Trackops API Client for PHP
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The Trackops API Client for PHP provides an easy to use set of tools to quickly access your Trackops data from any PHP application.


PHP 5.6+ (compiled with cURL) and Composer are required for installation.

If you don't already have composer installed, you can quickly do so by running this command from your project root directory:

curl -sS | php

Once you have composer, install the trackops/trackops-client-php package from Packagist, like so:

composer require trackops/trackops-client-php

Alternatively, you can manually add trackops/trackops-client-php to your composer.json, like so:

    "require": {
        "trackops/trackops-client-php": "~0.2"

Once the package is successfully installed with composer, install the dependencies like so:

composer install

Getting Started

It only takes a few lines of code to get a working example up and running:

Basic Example of Usage

Use the get() method to retrieve a set of records

// require the composer autoloader
require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Trackops\Api\Client;

$api = new Client('subdomain', 'username', 'apitoken');
$records = $api->createRequest()->get('cases')->toArray();

Using Query Parameters

We're passing a $params variable with an array of query parameters to this request.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Trackops\Api\Client;

$api = new Client('subdomain', 'username', 'apitoken');
$params = ['from' => '2016-01-01', 'to' => '2016-01-31', 'dir' => 'asc', 'per_page' => 1, 'page' => 1];
$records = $api->createRequest()->get('cases', $params)->toArray();

Visit the Trackops Developer API Reference for a full list of endpoints and query parameters.

Counting Results

Use the count() method to quickly get the total record_count and page_count of your query.

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use Trackops\Api\Client;

$api = new Client('subdomain', 'username', 'apitoken');
$params = ['from' => '2016-01-01', 'to' => '2016-01-31'];
$records = $api->createRequest()->count('cases', $params)->toArray();

Tip: For more advanced implementations, take a look at the examples directory in the project source code.

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