Máquina virtual de procesos
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The process virtual machine

This project defines storage for an abstract _process_ in a company, and implements a virtual machine that keeps track of the execution of instances of the process.


You will need the redis and mongo databases, and rabbitmq for this to work. I recommend using pipenv or virtualenv in your python projetcs ;)

  • clone the repo
  • install the requirements listed in requirements.txt
  • run the tests (pytest)

you can control your cacahuate installation using this three environment variables: CACAHUATE_SETTINGS, FLASK_APP, FLASK_DEBUG.


pip install cacahuate


This is the daemon in charge of moving pointers in the process, run with:


The Cacahuate REST API

In this same repository you will find a flask application that exposes a REST api for controling Cacahuate.

How to run

FLASK_APP=cacahuate.http.wsgi flask run

You can use any wsgi-compliant server, like gunicorn, to run this:

gunicorn cacahuate.http.wsgi:app