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A fork from s3fs a filesystem allowing mounting s3 buckets. This fork works with European buckets
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This is a s3fs version that makes minimal changes in order to allow s3fs working with European schema. Is built on the top of the great work done by Randy Rizun with s3fs. 

It changes the way urls are used passing from to
It also includes some tiny fixes on content type headers not provided on some requests that now are provided as empty Content-Type header.

Usage :
   Changes nothing on the provided parameters
   Example : sudo s3fs BUCKET_NAME -o accessKeyId=YOUR_KEY_ID -o secretAccessKey=YOUR_KEY -o use_cache=/tmp -o allow_other /dir/where/you/mount
             and to umount: sudo umount /dir/where/you/mount

   Tips :  some log messages are dumped to the syslog, check them if you're in trouble getting this working. 
   Additional tip: if you run s3fs with -d a very interesting debugging info

Roadmap :
   We have no scheduled roadmap but we're going to be heavy users of this tool so we test it and will make some improvements. Those improvements will be included to this repo but no calendar has been fixed yet. 
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