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Tractis Identity Verifications

Tractis Identity Verifications provide you with a gateway to get your users real identity proven with their electronic certificates.

These custom gateways will request your users a certain set of attributes from their identity such as: name, birthdate, certificate issuer, etc… Your user will have to use an accepted certificate to proof these attributes. Example Given: one website will be able to get his users' real name using Spain or Belgium eID cards.

How could I use identity verifications in my proyects?

Identity verifications can be public or private. Public verifications give, apart from the user data, a URL to the Proof of Identity Verification for you to link from your website.

You can make two kind of integrations depending on the type of identity verification, pulic or private:

Strong authentication

You can use private identity verification gateways as strong authentication gateways in order to provide login with certificates.

Certified profiles

Public identity verification gateways allow you to provide certified user profiles in your website where you can highlight those users with certified identity and link the Proof of Identity Verification.


script/plugin install git://github.com/tractis/tractis_identity_verifications.git

Get your API-Key

In order to use this plugin you will need to get an API-Key from www.tractis.com/identity_verifications

Once you have your API-Key, you will be able to configure which identity attributes you will require and certificates

Example usage

Integrating Tractis Identity Verifications requires to:

  • Add a form to redirect your users to your gateway.

  • Add a controller action to receive the verification data and check it's authenticity.

Example view (views/test/index.html.erb)

Use our helper to add the form to redirect your users to your gateway.

<%= identity_verification_gateway("Identify!", "API-KEY", :action => 'create') %>

Example controller (controllers/test_controller.rb)

class TestController < ApplicationController
  include Tractis::IdentityVerifications
  def create
    valid_tractis_identity_verification!("API-KEY", params)

    render :text => <<-TEXT
  Name: #{params["tractis:attribute:name"]}
  eID #: #{params["tractis:attribute:dni"]}
  Certificate Issuer: #{params["tractis:attribute:issuer"]}
  rescue Tractis::InvalidVerificationError
    render :text => "Verification failed"

Screencast from the demo

You can watch a technical screencast of this demo.

Create Certified Profiles in your website

With Tractis Identity Verifications you can provide Certified Profiles in your website where Tractis will certify the identity of you user.

In order to create certified profiles you will need to specify that the verification will be public using :public_verification => true

<%= identity_verification_gateway("Identify!", "API-KEY", {:action => 'create'}, {:public_verification => true}) %>

The public verification will send an extra parameter called :verification_url (params[:verification_url]) to the notification_callback.

This parameter will contain the URL for the Identity Verification Proof. You will be able to link this Proof only within your website to let your users check verified identity.

Further information

Copyright © 2009 Tractis, released under the MIT license