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Page comments email notification module for Silverstripe

This mobule provides simple email notifications for page comments

Credits and Authors


  • TODO


Installation Instructions

  • Extract all files into the 'comments-notifications' folder under your Silverstripe root.


Using the Config set the "recipient" attribute of "CommentsNotifications" class to one of:

  • SiteConfig (configure the email under settings globally)
  • Page (configure the recipient per page)
  • Admin (uses the admin email address)
  • Disabled
  • any email address (use this explicit email address)

E.g. MyProject.yaml

  recipient: 'Page'


To hook into the outgoing email (in order to customise the template) you can extend CommentingController with an extending class with a function updateEmail

class EmailSenderExtension extends Extension {
    public function updateEmail(Email &$email) {
            'SiteConfig' => SiteConfig::current_site_config()

Need more help?

Message or email me at or, well, read the code!

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