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import os
from PIL import Image
1. Open up the folder of images (get the latest folder somehow?)
2. Loop through the folder (use a counter to keep track of image position)
- Create blank paper-sized image (if one isn't created already)
- Grab image
- Determine whether the image needs to be rotated correctly
- Rotate if needed
- Add to paper (even: top, odd: bottom)
This script is meant to be moved into the created folder - probably should be
rewritten to always search the latest created folder.
#for i, row in enumerate(csv_rows):
current_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
items = os.listdir(current_dir)
counter = 0
for item in items:
im =
except IOError:
#print "Not an image"
# if item's width is 1200, means it's a vertical image that needs to be rotated
if im.size[0] == 1200:
im = im.rotate(90)
# if iteration is even, put the image at the top of the blank file
#print counter
if counter % 2 == 0:
empty ="../../blank.jpg")
empty.paste(im, (300,200))
empty.paste(im, (300,1900))
save_name = "created-%s.jpeg" % counter
counter += 1
save_name = "created-%s.jpeg" % counter, quality=95)