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=== Binary MLM Pro=== Contributors: tradebooster Donate link: Tags: MLM, multi level marketing, network marketing, binary network, binary MLM Requires at least: 3.3 Tested up to: 3.9.2 Stable tag: 3.0

Current Version:3.0

The only Plugin to run a full blown Binary MLM network inside your favourite CMS - Wordpress.

== Description ==

The plugin enables you to run a full blown Binary MLM Network inside of Wordpress.

New Features in v3.0

  1. Option to create, setup and market multiple products.
  2. ePins can be mapped to specific products.
  3. Commissions based on absolute amount and percentage figures
  4. Email Notifications and configurable email templates for following events: 4.1 Payout Received 4.2 Network Growing 4.3 Withdrawal Initiated 4.4 Withdrawal Processed.
  5. Functionality of Switch User from Users -> All Users has been removed. Please install User Switching plugin for the same
  6. Export CSV functionality added to Pending Withdrawals and Processed Withdrawals
  7. Added First Name and Last Name fields to the form for creating the first user account.
  8. New Addon now available which support PayPal Mass Payments for commission distribution to members.
  9. New Dashboard page in WP Admin to show important information about the plugin, your license, getting support and plugin related news.

New Features in v2.9

  1. Seperate wp user & MLM user
  2. Show email in Sponsor Widget
  3. Set affiliate url redirect path.
  4. Withdrawal auto / manual setting.
  5. Service charge fixed/percentage.

New Features in v2.8

  1. SEO Friendly Affiliate URLs (Replicated Sites)
  2. Sponsor Widget on Replicated Sites
  3. Javascript Confirmation Prompt on Payout Details page before confirming withdrawal.
  4. Reset all MLM data feature in WP Admin.
  5. Few bugs / issues in version 2.7.1.

New Features in v2.7.1

  1. Columns for Sponsor Username and Position added in User Listing
  2. Reports menu item shifted under main Binary MLM menu in WP Admin
  3. Withdrawal Reports shifted to the Reports Page
  4. Few bugs / issues in v2.7 have been resolved

New Features in v2.7

  1. First User is marked as paid automatically upon creation
  2. New Menu Item created for Reports in Admin
  3. The existing ePin Report has been shifted to new Reports page
  4. Introduced Price per Sale in General Settings
  5. New Earnings Report in new Reports Page
  6. New columns and summary info added to My Payouts page in Member’s Area
  7. The date and time on user registration are now synced with default WP Settings.

New Features in v2.5

  1. Optional User Registration using ePin
  2. Generate ePins (Regular and Free)
  3. ePin Report (Used and UnUsed ePins)
  4. Export ePins to CSV

New Features in v2.0

  1. Multilingual Support
  2. Members can Withdraw their Payouts
  3. Process Withdrawals from the Admin
  4. View Withdrawal Reports
  5. Direct Referral Commissions can also be paid apart from the regular Pair Commissions and Bonus
  6. Set a Cap Limit on the maximum payout to one member in a payout cycle


  1. Register New members at the front end directly by specifying Sponsor Username
  2. Register New Members using the Registration Form or Clicking on an empty node in the Binary Tree.
  3. Each member has a unique affiliate/referral URL to refer new members to the network.
  4. Facility to mark members as paid / unpaid from the admin
  5. Specify base currency in the admin
  6. Specify eligibility criteria in the admin
  7. Specify payplan (commission + bonus) details in the admin
  8. Run payouts manually.
  9. Schedule Payouts using Cron Jobs
  10. Exhaustive help text on each settings screen.
  11. Quickly swap between user accounts in WordPress at the click of a button.
  12. Search for user by user id or email address and view complete user information.
  13. View individual Member Commission and Bonus figures before running payout routine.
  14. Comprehensive Member Dashboard.
  15. Members can view full payout details in their account.
  16. Perfect tree view in all browsers and OS.

If you have any support issue related to Binary MLM Pro, please write to us at

== Installation ==

  1. Place the 'binary-mlm-pro' folder in your '/wp-content/plugins/' directory.
  2. Activate Binary MLM Pro.
  3. A new menu item would be created in the admin menu called Binary MLM.

== Frequently asked questions ==

= Does the plugin support multiple currencies? =

The plugin gives you the option to choose the base currency for your network. However, once chosen the currency cannot be changed.

== Screenshots ==

  1. Currency Configuration
  2. Eligibility Criteria Settings
  3. Payout Criteria Settings
  4. Bonus Criteria Settings

== Changelog ==

= 2.0 =

  1. Added Direct referral Commission feature
  2. Added Cap Limit feature
  3. Added withdrawal feature
  4. Added multilingual support

== Upgrade notice ==

No information currently

== Arbitrary section 1 ==

This plugin makes use of the Google JSAPI at in order to display the table grids in various areas of the member interface.