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Requires Vanilla 2.0.12

AllViewed allows members to mark all discussions as viewed by clicking "Mark All Viewed" 
in the main nav (path: /discussions/markallviewed)

This resets their counters for how many comments were previously in the discussion. 
Therefore, if there are 3 subsequent comments, the discussion will simply say "New",
not "3 New" because it no longer knows how many comments there were.

Normally viewing the discussion will put it back on a "X New"-style counter.

This behavior is to circumvent potential problems with massive updates to the
UserDiscussion table when "Mark All Viewed" is clicked.

To make compatible with 2.0.11 or earlier, open class.discussionmodel.php 
then go to the Get() method and find this:

   return $Data;

and replace it with:

   $this->EventArguments['Data'] = $Data;
   return $Data;