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PHP/Symfony sample application for the Tradenity eCommerce API.
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Welcome to the Symfony CameraStore sample application for Tradenity ecommerce API PHP SDK

This is sample application for Tradenity ecommerce API using the PHP SDK using the Symphony framework.

This sample application is free and opensource, we encourage you to fork it and use it as a base for your future applications.

Live demo

Here you can find live demo of the Camera store sample application. This is the application we are going to build here.


(Will install automatically via maven)

Create store and load sample data

  • If you are not yet registered, create a new Tradenity account.
  • After you login to your account, go to Getting started page, click "Create sample store", this will create a new store and populate it with sample data
  • From the administration side menu, choose "Developers" > "API Keys", you can use the default key or generate a new one.

Setup your credentials

First of all, you have to get API keys for your store, you can find it in your store Edit page. To get there navigate to the stores list page, click on the Edit button next to your store name, scroll down till you find the API Keys section.

Initialize the library

Add your Store keys to app/config/config.yml file, also your stripe public key.

    locale: en
    tradenity_key: sk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    stripe_public_key: pk_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tutorials and sample applications

We also provide a detailed explanation of the code of this sample applications in the form of a step by step tutorials:

Camera store for Symphony PHP framework tutorial.


In console, type:

php bin/console server:start

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