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1 # Faster Development of CodeIgniter 2.0 Apps
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3 <div style="float: right; margin: 0 20px 20px 0">
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4 <a href=''><img alt='Click here to lend your support to: Bonfire - faster CodeIgniter development and make a donation at !' src='' border='0' /></a>
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5 </div>
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7 That's Bonfire's goal: provide a solid base off of which to build your new web applications. It's not a CMS. Instead, it's a springboard to build off of with many of the tools you wish you had on projects but never took the time to build.
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9 All wrapped up in an elegant interface that will make you proud when you hand the project over to your client.
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11 ## Current Features
13 - Very flexible template/theme system, capable of Wordpress-like parent/child themes.
14 - Fully modular and built around HMVC
15 - 5 ‘contexts’ ready for your code: Content, Appearance, Statistics, Settings and Developer Tools
16 - Database backup and maintenance interface
17 - Role-based access control
18 - Built-in users/auth system
19 - Simple email queue system
20 - 2-step installer
21 - Ready for Reactor’s multiple-environment config files. (database settings already use it.)
22 - Migration-ready (using either raw SQL or Database Forge commands)
23 - Log view/maintenance
25 ## Features 'coming soon':
27 - Auto-updater for core
28 - Basic CRUD generation UI
29 - CRON task management
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31 and possibly even more...
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33 ## Stay Up To Date
35 Follow Bonfire's progress and commits at Twitter by following [cibonfire](!/cibonfire).
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37 ## Lend A Hand
39 If you're interested in helping out, fork the project and start coding! I'd love to have you on board. You can always shoot me an email at and we can talk about how you'll best fit it and what the best place to start coding would be.
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41 *NOTE: Latest database dump can be found under bonfire/application/db/backups. Import that into a new database, and setup your database connections and you should be good to go. You can login to the admin /admin with email:, pass: bonfire.*
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b2a910a @lonnieezell Added a README file.
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43 Let's make this the best kick-start to any CodeIgniter project.
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45 ## The Team
47 The Bonfire Team is made up from developers around the world interested in making Bonfire a better kickstart for your [CodeIgniter]( projects.
49 - [Lonnie Ezell]( - Lead Developer
50 - [Sean Downey](
51 - [Nuno Costa](
52 - [Ben Evans](
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