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Vagrant + Ansible + CBSD setup for fun and profit ;-)
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Quick start

git clone
cd vac

ssh root@master.vac.sys 'cbsd node mode=list'

Right, instead of vagrant up, we are using script. You can read more about scripts/* in HERE


Comments in config section of Vagrantfile should explain everything. Just for sake of clarity:

// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Number of nodes to provision
numNodes = 2

ctrlAddr   = ""
masterAddr = ""

// IP Address Base for private network
ipAddrBase = ""

// list of zones
// zones = ["alpha", "bravo", "charlie", "delta", "echo", "foxtrot"]
zones = ["alpha", "bravo"]
// ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NOTE: zones are just a simple way to group VMs, You probably wont use it anyway - perhaps i should put two Vagrantfiles here, one with zones and one without them

BEWARE! Math with zones is simple but it's also simple to overlook things if You're one of those people who run code first - then look inside of files.

numNodes * zones.length = number_of_launched_virtual_machines

So if we have numNodes = 2 here and we have 2 zones set, we will have 4 nodes + controller and master. So it's 6 virtual machines in total.

What's next

VAC setup is designed with three types/roles of virtual machines


Main VAC VM which at this moment hosts only Nginx + Varnish to provide full featured forwarding caching proxy that can be utilized by other VAC virtual machines. The reason why proxy is installed on separate VM is actually only one and it's pretty simple. When something goes wrong during development process (on master or on nodes) and we would like to anihilate all VMs to start from scratch we would lose whole cache after wipeing everything out - if proxy was a part of ie. master node. But... by keeping proxy on separate machine, we can speed this process up and keep all cached files for later use.


  • really simple internal DNS to help communicate between VMs and LAN using real hosts instead of patching /etc/hosts all over the place


CBSD master node - ansible based setup


CBSD node(s) - ansible based setup

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