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Marshalling through lambda expressions

This module provides an XML and JSON marshalling DSL that is based on lambda expressions. It has the following advantages over the traditional annotation+reflection approach that has become popular in the JAXB and Jackson worlds:

  • Trivial to add custom data types, delegates, and custom collection types
  • Ability to bind to format-specific idioms, e.g. nested JSON arrays, arbitrary JSON property maps, arbitrary XML tag maps.
  • Java data classes are completely unchanged (and even optional, tuples can be used instead for simple cases)
  • Java data classes can be actually immutable
  • Compile-time errors if anything is not mappable
  • Compile-time type safety on whether a type is readable, writable or both
  • Complete traceability on how a type is mapped, including custom types
  • Potential for higher performance since no reflection is used (no profiling has been done yet though)
  • Its push model makes it compatible with reactive non-blocking parsers, e.g. Aalto XML, to hook into reactive streams.


You can watch a tutorial presentation here


[ ] Have XML and JSON Reader base class keep the "nestedTag" and "nestedObjects" count globally (and only once), and make available to subclasses.

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