Set of PHP files to help create a login and registration module.
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TSW Login-Register


  • PHP, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Creates three SESSIONs to use for retrieving data
  • PDO prepared statements
  • Using MySQL - sql table included
  • Checks for duplicate email on registry
  • Inserts MD5 password
  • Password confirmation (enter twice)
  • Great start for any medium to small size membership program
  • Easily adaptable to about any PHP script
  • Bootstrap HTML5 forms and pages
  • Forgot password and Reset password
  • Register and confirm registry through email
  • No Salt no Hash... TODO
  • several security functions and sanitizers
  • all fields are preset jquery or html5 validate

Code Example

    // check database for duplicate email
    $query = $dbh->prepare("SELECT email FROM tsw_members
                            WHERE email = :email 
    $query->bindValue(':email', $email);
    if($query->rowCount() > 0)
        esc("<p>This email has already been registered.</p>");


I had troubles with some open source reigistration and login scripts being either too complex or not secure enough. This is my final answer to a secure enough system which can be used for small to medium size membership login systems. I wanted to have the usage generalized enough that it could be adapted to about any PHP project that I work on.


Very basic PHP Apache Server, LAMP style install:

  • create a database or just add the one table to an existing database
    • the table is in the inc directory; file named sql.txt
  • add files where needed into directory structure
  • add settings in file inc/settings.php and connection in inc/dbh.php
  • send donation to Larry... lol :-)

Also note install can be uploaded and ran as a standalone Website (albeit Bootstrap theme-able). demo:


Open for contributions.


Licensed under Apache Open Source. You can use this script for free for any private or commercial projects.