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html5 charting toolkit for trading.


This is extracted from clkao's trading tool developed sporadically since 2009. documentation is on the way. see QuickStart and Gallery.


  • svg charts using RaphaelJS
  • price/indicator value lookup by mouse pointer
  • accelerated autoscaled charts respecting the price range of current view.
  • supports Finance::GeniusTrader databases and indicators.
  • tick-data simulation with FITF files.
  • works on mobilesafari (tested on galaxytab 10.1)

not enabled yet:

  • on-chart trading ui


  • documentation
    • cookbook for writing and displaying new indicators
    • hacking guide
  • cleanup javascripts in template files and move them into tschart.coffee or tschart-ui.coffee.
  • ability show/hide and configure options for subscribed indicators
  • ide-like UI for developing and displaying indicator in web ui
  • either port TradeSpring::Chart to pocketio or port Web::Hippie to use pocketio