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#get our lambda ENI as we need to force a detachment
aws ec2 describe-network-interfaces --filter Name="requester-id",Values="*ConfigureFirebox" > lambda-eni.txt 2>&1
attachmentid=$(./execute/ lambda-eni.txt "AttachmentId")
if [ "$attachmentid" != "" ]; then
echo "aws ec2 detach-network-interface --attachment-id $attachmentid --force"
aws ec2 detach-network-interface --attachment-id $attachmentid --force
#I don't see a good way to wait for the network interface to detach.
#Pausing a few here and hope that works.
networkinterfaceid=$(./execute/ lambda-eni.txt "NetworkInterfaceId")
echo "aws ec2 delete-network-interface --network-interface-id $networkinterfaceid"
output=$(aws ec2 delete-network-interface --network-interface-id $networkinterfaceid)
if [ "$output" != "" ]; then
echo "If an error occurs deleting the network interface run the script again. Contacting AWS for a better solution..."