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import tradingeconomics as te
from datetime import datetime
import time
import sys
import pandas as pd
def chunks(l, n):
"""Yield successive n-sized chunks from l."""
for i in range(0, len(l), n):
yield l[i:i + n]
def get_indicators():
Gets all indicators
all_indicators = te.getIndicatorData(output_type ="df")
return all_indicators["Category"]
def get_countries(indi):
Gets all countries that has a certain indicator
countries = te.getIndicatorData("all", indi, output_type ="df")
if not countries.empty:
return list(countries["Country"])
return None
def main():
indicators = get_indicators()
today_date ="%Y-%m-%d")
for indicator in list(indicators):
countries = get_countries(str(indicator))
if countries:
for countries_chunk in chunks(countries, 1):
print(",".join(countries_chunk) + " - " + indicator)
mydata = te.getHistoricalData(country = countries_chunk, indicator = [indicator], initDate = '1800-01-01', endDate = today_date ) #Choose initDate or EndDate
# HERE: do something with the data
time.sleep(1) #avoid throttling protection
if __name__ == "__main__":
te.login('guest:guest') #Insert your API Key