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Automated test suite and build container

Trading Strategy protocol website

A frontend for Trading Strategy protocol.

Install NPM dependencies

Node >=20.11 required.

npm install

Install and build submodules

frontend has one submodule dependency installed under deps:

  • fonts - optional licensed fonts (see static/fonts5.css and src/lib/components/css/typography.css)

Install submodules

If you have access to the private tradingstrategy-ai/fonts, initialize and install submodules:

git submodule update --init --recursive

Building submodule dependencies

Once the submodule has been installed, a build step needs to be run in order to have a fully working environment. Run the following script:

bash scripts/

Running in local dev

Environment variables required by the app are maintained in a .env file. Read about about magic VITE envs.

Start the SvelteKit development server:

npm run dev



Code Formatting Standards

We are using Prettier for code formatting. Extensions are available for most code editors / IDEs (see "Editor Support" on Prettier homepage).

If you prefer not to have your editor do automatic formatting, please run the following command and commit properly formatted code before pushing a PR:

npm run format

Our CI/CD pipeline runs the following chack on PRs or pushes to master:

npm run format:check

dependencies vs devDependencies

adapter-node will bundle devDependencies whereas dependencies must be installed when deploying to production.