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Pine Script documentation

Official documentation of Pine Script language. You may read it here. It's a replacement of Pine Tutorial Wiki.

How to build html docs

Follow these steps:

  • Execute sudo make install_tools
  • Execute make syncpackages (this would download the theme)
  • Execute make html

Your docs will be in the build/html folder.

Notes for writers

Rules for capitalization in titles

  • Capitalize the first word of the title
  • Capitalize all proper nouns

Filenames for *.rst files

Take a page title, replace all spaces with underscores (_), remove all punctuation (except dashes, -), add .rst extension. For example such a content:

Expressions, declarations and statements

Should be saved on disk as Expressions_declarations_and_statements.rst.

Automatic table of contents

Use reStructuredText directive contents. Place it after the title of a section, which table of contents you want. For example:

Expressions, declarations and statements

.. contents:: :local:
    :depth: 2

Quotation marks

Documentation uses American style which considers a double quotes are the default ones. Single quotes are used if nested in the double ones. For example:

  • Joe said, "Will you marry me?"
  • Joe smiled and said, "Jenny said 'yes' when I asked her to marry me."

Inline markup

  • One asterisk: *text* for emphasis (italics),
  • Two asterisks: **text** for strong emphasis (boldface), and
  • Two backquotes: ``text`` for inline code samples.

Special unicode characters

There is a set of macros in file isonum.txt. For example for → (RIGHTWARDS ARROW) use |rarr| macro. For example:

..    include:: <isonum.txt>
Indicators |rarr| Built-ins
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