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AI and blockchain-based platform for assurance, such as KYC, Tax, legal, etc.


  1. mycloud Public

    Tradle MyCloud: digital financial grade blockchain-based identity

    JavaScript 13 9

  2. tradleconf Public

    CLI for managing your Tradle MyCloud instance

    TypeScript 3 4

  3. models Public

    models for tradle apps

    JavaScript 1 1

  4. tim Public

    mobile and web app that talks to Tradle backend infrastructure and the blockchain. Tim stands for Trust in Motion

    JavaScript 21 11

  5. cloudpal Public

    Network, compute and data virtualization for Single Tenancy

    5 1

  6. engine Public

    This main component of Tradle's SDK, one for all environments: mobiles, web and a server, tightly integrated with blockchains via specific adapters

    JavaScript 10 5