basic elliptic curve crypto for React Native
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basic elliptic curve crypto for React Native

this module is used by Tradle


See Linking Libraries


import * as ec from 'react-native-ecc'
import { Buffer } from 'buffer'

// if you want to be able to find your keys
// next time, make sure to use the same service ID 
// optional
// ec.setAccessGroup('')

// this library allows you to sign 32 byte hashes (e.g. sha256 hashes)
const msg = new Buffer('hey ho')
// check ec.curves for supported curves
const curve = 'p256'
ec.keyPair(curve, function (err, key) {
  // pub tested for compatibility with npm library "elliptic"
  const pub =

  // look up the key later like this:
  // const key = ec.keyFromPublic(pub)

    data: msg,
    algorithm: 'sha256'
  }, function (err, sig) {
    // signatures tested for compatibility with npm library "elliptic"
    console.log('sig', sig.toString('hex'))
      algorithm: 'sha256',
      data: msg,
      sig: sig
    }, function (err, verified) {
      console.log('verified:', verified)