A helper node that makes sure everybody knows about all static transforms, even if they are published by multiple publishers.
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Static Transform Mux

This ROS node subscribes to /tf_static, collects all the transforms that are ever published there, and re-sends a message that contains not only the transforms from the last publisher, but all transforms ever encountered.

This is a workaround for e.g. geometry2#181, or for anybody else who needs to have multiple static transform publishers in the system.

Node static\_transform\_mux

Subscribed topics

  • /tf_static: The static transforms.

Published topics

  • /tf_static (tf2_msgs/TFMessage latched): Again, the static transforms. Special care is taken so that this node does not react to its own messages.
  • ready (std_msgs/Bool latched): This message is sent (and latched) once the first message on /tf_static is published by this node, so that other nodes that rely on this node's operation know that it has been brought up.


  • ~update_only_with_newer (bool, defaults to False): If set to True, only transforms with newer timestamps can substitute an already cached transform (otherwise, the latest received tranform is used.)
  • ~forbidden_callerid_prefix (str or None, defaults to None): This parameter can contain a prefix of callerids that will additionally be ignored by the /tf_static callback. Using this parameter is required if you transmit /tf_static over some non-ROS connection which changes or discards the callerid (e.g. when using nimbro_network).