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Traefik Mesh is an open source project, and your feedback and contributions are needed and always welcome.

Issues and Pull Requests are opened at

Non trivial changes should be discussed with the project maintainers by opening a Feature Request clearly explaining rationale, background and possible implementation ideas. Feel free to provide code in such discussions.

Once the proposal is approved, a Pull Request can be opened. If you want to provide early visibility to reviewers, create a Draft Pull Request.

Release Process

Traefik Mesh follows the semver scheme when releasing new versions.

Therefore, all PR's (except fixing a bug in a specific version) should be made against the master branch. If you're attempting to fix a bug in an already released version, please use the correct branch of that release (e.g. v1.1). All bug-fixes made to a specific branch will be backported to master, prior to releasing a new (major / minor) version. Patch releases will be made out of the version branch.

Release steps

In order to release a new version of Traefik Mesh, the following steps have to be done:

  • Create a Prepare release PR updating the chart version and app version to upcoming release
  • Prepare a list of release notes for the #traefik-mesh
  • Merge Prepare release PR
  • Create and push a tag on the release commit
  • Create a new release branch (v1.x) on upstream to allow versioned docs to be built