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Realtime clipboard to easily and secure share text between computers or mobile devices
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Quick and secure way to share text between devices.

See the website Or download the Android App in the Play Store

See the source of the Android app on GitHub


  • It's realtime; you'll see the text immediately appear on the receiving device.
  • It's secure; the connection to the server is encrypted with SSL.
  • It's private; you first need to connect to the other device before you can send something, this way the data never has to be (temporarily) stored on the server.
  • You can connect with multiple devices, simultaneously receiving the text.
  • No registration is needed, a 6 digit number is enough to connect the devices.


You can run a local version with Docker:

docker-compose up

Go to http://localhost:3000


This is a rebuild of the orginal app, build with React.

  • Find a way to leave .html out of the urls and still be able to use static webhosting on S3
  • Cache busting via webpack for files defined in index.html with react-helmet
  • Better tests:
  • Seperate the backend server with his own node modules
  • Describe the features on the about page
  • Find a way to add new pages to the Service Worker
  • Use flow-typed to cover external libraries
  • See if we can support file uploads
  • React Native Android app - see the source
  • Use keyboard for submitting
  • Add React router to create a seperate about page
  • Webpack2
  • Server side rendering / generate static html
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Deployment
  • Docker containers
  • Cleanup used packages and configs
  • Show number of connected devices
  • Add Google Analytics
  • Set correct Cache-Control headers on static files
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