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Home Assistant configuration

My Home Assistant configuration which connects to my Vera Edge to extend it's functionality.


Some of the things I've implemented:

  • Alarm system which sends snapshots of the camera's when motion is detected
  • Ability to disarm the alarm via Telegram actions
  • Fully automated living lights
  • Automated hallway lights which dim at night
  • Notify when washing machine or wash dryer is finished
  • Play speech messages via the Google Mini's
  • Presence detection with home coming and leaving automation
  • Night mode; turn the ground floor lights off and dim the hallway lights
  • Integration with Vera Edge
  • Modules with ESPHome communicating via MQTT
  • Enable ventilation when CO2 level reaches a certain level
  • Enable ventilation when the shower is used
  • Automated Christmas lights (only during the holidays 😉)
  • Notify when one of the smoke sensors detects smoke
  • Ghost mode; turn on lights for a short period when away to pretend someone is home
  • Start the vacuum cleaner based on a schedule with the option to override per day
  • Notify when the vacuum cleaner is done
  • Dim the lights when the TV is turned on
  • Turn the heating down when night mode is activated
  • Notify when you leave the frontdoor open
  • Make my vacuum cleaner come from under the couch to be able to empty it
  • Have a 'guest presence' option to override the presence detection
  • Send a snapshot of the person ringing the doorbell and announce it on the Google Mini's
  • DSMR integration, monitoring my energy and gas usage
  • Brighten the backyard lights when motion is detected
  • Notify when the powerline voltage fluctuates too much
  • Cast a dashboard view of Home Assistant to Google Nest Hub

Home Assistant dashboard


The following hardware is integrated in this system.

Quantity Type Brand Protocol
1 Controller Vera Edge zwave
5 Dimmer Fibaro dimmer 500w (FGD-211) zwave
3 Dimmer Fibaro dimmer 2 250watt (FGD-212) zwave
1 Wallplug Aeon Labs Inline Smart Energie zwave
2 Wallplug Greenwave Powernode-1 zwave
1 Wallplug TBK Home zwave
3 Smoke sensor Fibaro Smoke sensor (FGSS001) zwave
1 CO sensor Fibaro CO sensor (FGCD001) zwave
1 Insertmodule Philiotech 2x1,5kw (PAN04) zwave
1 Insertmodule Fibaro insertmodule 2x1,5kw (FGS-222) zwave
4 Multisensor Aeon Labs Multisensor 6 zwave
2 Door sensor Sensative Strips Guard zwave
1 Motion sensor Neo Coolcam motion sensor zwave
2 Flower sensor Xiaomi Flora bluetooth
1 Weather Netatmo Weatherstation wifi
1 Weather Netatmo extension module wifi
1 Thermostat Nefit Easy wifi
6 Camera Foscam, D-Link, Xiaomi wifi
1 Doorbell Ring video doorbell wifi
1 Assistant Google Home Mini wifi
1 Assistant Google Nest Mini wifi
1 Assistant Google Nest Hub wifi


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