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The Trafford Data Lab is involved in one of six pilots in the opengovintelligence (OGI) project. The Trafford Worklessness Pilot aims to produce a suite of applications to visualise Linked Open Statistical Data (LOSD), and other open data sources, to identify areas of need and inform service delivery related to worklessness. These applications have been co-created with Jobcentre Plus staff in Stretford and council leads for worklessness across Greater Manchester. They use LOSD stored in the GM Data Store, are transformed using table2qb and queried using cubiql which are both part of the OGI toolkit.

Work relating to the Trafford Worklessness Pilot can be found in this repo within the following folders:

  • Apps - suite of applications developed as the main output of the pilot
  • Co-creation - documents showing the outputs of co-creation activities
  • Data - datasets provided as RDF data cubes converted from flat tabular CSV
  • Dissemination - resources created to highlight the work being done in the pilot
  • Documentation - guides on how to use the applications and technical information regarding linked data queries in SPARQL and GraphQL

To read more information about the pilot and the OGI project, please visit our project page.

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This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 693849.