Spec your Cells.
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Spec your Cells.

This plugin allows you to spec your cells with RSpec.

Cells is Rails' popular view components framework.


This gem runs with RSpec3 and Rails >= 3.x and Cells 4. Add it to your app's Gemfile.

group :development, :test do
  gem "rspec-cells"

Note: In case you're still using Cells 3, go here.


Simply put all your specs in the spec/cells directory or add type: :cell to the describe block. However, let the cell generator do that for you!

  rails g rspec:cell comment show

will create an exemplary spec/cells/comment_cell_spec.rb for you.


To invoke rendering of a cell you use the exact same API as in your application.

describe CommentCell do
  it "renders comment" do
    expect(cell(:comment).call).to have_content "Really Great!"

As you can see, it is nothing more than using #cell or #concept, invoke the default state using #call (or any other state with call(:other_state)) and use Rspecs and Capybara's matchers.

URL helpers

If your cells use helpers with controller dependency, you need to specify a controller to use in your test.

describe CommentCell do
  controller CommentsController

Excuse the clumsiness, but this is done wrong in Rails and not Cells' fault.

Running Specs

Run your examples with

rake spec:cells

More docs

All the docs about testing can be found on the Trailblazer project page.

Test cells with caching

By default your code for caching code is not run if you set ActionController::Base.perform_caching = false That's a reasonable default but you might want to increase coverage by running caching code at least once. Here is an example:

  describe SomeCell do
    describe 'caching' do
      # Code for testing...


Big thanks to folks who helped me a lot.

  • Jorge Calás Lozano calas@qvitta.net (Cleanup, capybara string matchers)
  • Abdelkader Boudih <@seuros>


Copyright (c) 2010-2015, Nick Sutterer

Copyright (c) 2008-2009, Dmytro Shteflyuk kpumuk@kpumuk.info http://kpumuk.info

Released under the MIT License.