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Blockchain Timestamping Smart Policy for Trailbot

This Trailbot Smart Policy embeds the hash of your files into the blockchain every time they are modified.

Blockchain timestamping is made possible by sending the anonymous hashes to the Stampery API. They embed the hashes into the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains and then return a cryptographic proof that you can securely store for further proving integrity, existence and ownership of your files and logs.

The cryptographic proofs generated by this smart policy are independently verifiable by everyone in the world, so you get an immutable audit trail of your file changes that will still be valid even if Stampery or Trailbot disappeared.

Stampery API secret token

You need a Stampery API secret token in order to use this policy. You can request one for free [here]([Trailbot] API token request&body=Hi,%0D%0AI am interested in trying the Trailbot "Stamper" smart policy.%0D%0%0D%0AAI'd appreciate if you could send me a Stampery API token for testing.%0D%0AThanks!).


This policy accepts the following parameters:

Name Description Default value Required
secret Your Stampery API secret token (read above to know how to get one for free). null
proofsDir The path of the folder in the server where you want to store the proofs. null


Trailbot Smart Policy for anchoring your files and logs into the Blockchain




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