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Zapier Smart Policy for Trailbot

This Trailbot Smart Policy pushes file events into a Zapier Webhooks trigger.

Use cases

There are hundreds of use cases for this policy:

  • Store automatic file backups in your Dropbox folder.
  • Set SMS alerts upon illegal access to your server.
  • Automatically create GitHub issues when a new line is appended to your app's error logfile.
  • ...


  1. Go to Zapier. Please log in or sign up.
  2. Create a new Zap by clicking the Make a Zap! orange button in the header.
  3. Search and choose the Webhooks by Zapier trigger.
  4. In the Choose trigger step, choose Catch Hook and click Save + Continue.
  5. In the Setup options step, simply click Continue.
  6. Now Zapier will give you the custom webhook URL for this Zap. Please copy it and leave your browser open.
  7. Go to Trailbot Client, choose a watched file and add this policy (
  8. When asked for the Webhook URL, simply paste the URL you copied from Zapier.
  9. Add the policy and go back the Zapier website in your browser.
  10. Click Ok, I did this. After a few seconds, a success message will appear. Simply click Continue.
  11. Now choose one or more Action apps and set them up as wished. Remember that you can also add zapier filters in order to make this policy even smarter.
  12. Finally, remember to enable the Zap.



This policy accepts the following parameters:

Name Description Default value Required
url The custom webhook URL. null


Trailbot Smart Policy that pushes events to a Zapier Webhooks trigger




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