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TrailDB is an efficient tool for storing and querying series of events. This repository contains the core C library and the tdb command line tool.

Learn more at

Quick start

For detailed installation instructions, see Getting Started guide.

Installing binaries

On OSX, TrailDB is available through homebrew:

$ brew install traildb

Linux binaries are not available yet.

Compiling and installing from source

Install Dependencies

$ apt-get install libarchive-dev libjudy-dev pkg-config

For RPM-based distros:

$ yum install judy-devel libarchive-devel pkg-config

For OSX:

$ brew install traildb/judy/judy libarchive pkg-config

For FreeBSD:

$ sudo pkg install python libarchive Judy pkgconf gcc

Note that your systems package manager may have too old of libjudy. You may also require a patch if you are using gcc 4.9.

Build TrailDB

$ ./waf configure
$ ./waf install

Alternatively you may use autotools

$ ./
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install

Run Tests

$ ./waf test