Python bindings for TrailDB
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Python bindings for TrailDB

Quick start

First install the TrailDB library. Then

$ python install

For detailed instructions, see Getting Started guide.


See TrailDB tutorial for more information.

>>> from traildb import TrailDB, TrailDBConstructor

>>> cookie = '12345678123456781234567812345678'
>>> cons = TrailDBConstructor('test.tdb', ['field1', 'field2'])
>>> cons.add(cookie, 123, ['a'])
>>> cons.add(cookie, 124, ['b', 'c'])
>>> tdb = cons.finalize()

>>> for cookie, trail in tdb.trails():
...     for event in trail:
...         print cookie, event

12345678123456781234567812345678 event(time=123L, field1='a', field2='')
12345678123456781234567812345678 event(time=124L, field1='b', field2='c')

For Docker User:

You can pull image from here:

$ docker pull c3h3/traildb-ipynb

Or, you can build docker image by yourself (please replace "your/repo-name" with whatever you want):

$ docker build -t your/repo-name .

You can run the docker image with default password (jupyter), and your jupyter notebook will listen on 8080 port:

$ docker run -p 8080:8888 -it c3h3/traildb-ipynb

Or, you can run the docker image with your password (yourPassword), and your jupyter notebook will listen on 8080 port:

$ docker run -e PASSWORD=yourPassword -p 8080:8888 -it c3h3/traildb-ipynb

Easily to use http://localhost:8080 to access your jupyter notebook