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Binary Ninja KRF Analysis

This folder contains three distinct sections of python scripts.

Extraction set

First, a set to be run in the environment where the fuzzing occured in order to extract the binaries and coredumps and put them in a tarball.
These are and They must be in the same directory when is run.


# Variable number of coredumps
python3 path/to/executable path/to/coredump1 [path/to/coredump2] ...

This will internally execute gdb on the coredump using to extract the neccessary data, then create a tarball named krfanalysis.tar.gz. The directory krfanalysis must not exist before the tool is run, or it will fail.

Analysis set

Second, an analysis set is run on a computer with binary ninja installed and the binaryninja python module in the python path. This set includes and They must be in the same directory when is run.


python3 path/to/krfanalysis.tar.gz

It uses the class defined in in order to do 'reverse taint analysis' on data in the tarball. It will unpack the tarball into whatever directory it is executed from.

Binary Ninja API

Binary Ninja can be added to the python path using export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/Applications/Binary\ in your shell profile. Requires headless mode.

Binary Ninja Plugin

The binary ninja plugin is located in the taint_plugin subdirectory, and contains its own documentation in that directory.

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