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AppJailLauncher (Rust)

AppJailLauncher is akin to a simple version of xinetd for Windows but with sandboxing enabled for the spawned child processes. The sandboxing is accomplished via AppContainers. This project is a rewrite of an earlier version in C.

Tested Platforms

  • Windows 10 Professional x64 (build 14393.1198)
  • Windows 10 Professional x64 (build 15063.296)

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 8 and above
  • Windows Server 2012 and above

Creating Challenges

There is an example challenge template in example/ that can be built using CMake.

To build the example challenge:

> cd example
> mkdir build
> cd build
> cmake ..
> cmake --build .

After building the example challenge, you serve the challenge via the following command in the root of the repository:

> .\target\debug\appjaillauncher-rs.exe run --key .\unittest_support\pub\key2.txt .\example\build\Debug\example_challenge.exe

Frequently Asked Questions

In the example challenge, what does InitChallenge do?

The InitChallenge function will create an timer that will terminate the process after a specified amount of milliseconds and set stdout buffering options to work better with network sockets. The first part is essential for countering griefing operations directed at your challenges by malicious actors.

I think I broke something. Is there a way to get more logging?

AppJailLauncher uses env_logger for logging. This means you can get more debug logging by setting the RUST_LOG environment variable to debug. For example, in PowerShell, the following command would be sufficient:

> $env:RUST_LOG="debug"

How do I target x86 Windows from x64 Windows with Rust?

rustup should be part of the default Rust install. First, use rustup to add the new x86 target:

> rustup target add i686-pc-windows-msvc

After installation, add --target=i686-pc-windows-msvc to the cargo build, cargo test commands to build for x86.

I have a complex ACL setup for my key, why won't things work?

Our ACL implementation is simple and should work on most configurations. However, it is entirely possible that for complex ACL setups, this will not work as intended. If you run into any issues, file an issue.

cargo build complains that msvc targets depend on msvc linker but "link.exe" was not found

You need to install the Visual C++ 2015 Build Tools or newer.


Install Rust, then:

Build AppJailLauncher: cargo build

Run the unit tests: cargo test


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