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Abstract interpretation using lattices to analyse the possible sign of a variable at any point in a program.

A simple plugin demonstrating the binja headless api for python. Finds memcpy's and corresponding src/dst information. The plugin can be modified to find argument information for other function calls.

A plugin template to walk the binja CFG using the depth-first search algorithm (aka path sensitive, one path traversed at a time)


  • Clone this repo

  • Place and into your Binja Plugin folder, the usual location is: /Users/<user>/Library/Application Support/Binary Ninja/plugins

  • Install binaryninja headless python API using this script

  • Open a binary in Binary Ninja, right click on a function, and run either the signed analysis script or the dfs script.

  • To run the memcpy script, cd into the directory it is in and run as a normal python script with the full path to you binary as the 2nd argument. Example: python /bin/bash

Example Signed Analysis of test.c

The sign of C depends on the path taken.