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This release brings improved Ethereum support, performance improvements, and numerous bug fixes. Thanks to our external contributors!

A few comments on Ethereum support:

Manticore includes an implementation of a symbolic Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), an EVM disassembler/assembler, and a convenient interface for automated compilation and analysis of Solidity. It also integrates with Ethersplay, Trail of Bits’ visual disassembler for EVM bytecode, for analysis visualization. As with binaries, Manticore offers a simple command line interface and a Python API for analysis of EVM bytecode. See a demo: https://asciinema.org/a/154012

EVM features in Manticore are under active development and bounties are available for feature enhancements and bugfixes. Join us on the Empire Hacking Slack in #ethereum to discuss using or hacking on these EVM features with the developers.