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A Tale of Mobile Threats original slides May 6, 2015
Analyzing the MD5 Collision in Flame original slides May 6, 2015
Automated Exploit Generation Update Nov 22, 2017
Automatic Bug-Finding for the Blockchain Update Nov 27, 2017
Build it Break it Fix it Create Nov 22, 2017
Countermeasure 2013 Keynote Initial commit Apr 29, 2015
Cyber Grand Challenge rearrange CGC content so it's easier to read Nov 2, 2017
Exploit Intelligence Project Update Nov 21, 2017
Exploiting Out-of-Order Execution typo Nov 22, 2017
From One Ivory Tower to Another Initial commit Apr 29, 2015
Getting and Using OPC CyberStakes training Apr 29, 2015
Joy of Pwning add the joy of pwning Oct 30, 2017
Low-level Security newer slides May 6, 2015
McSema - Translating x86 to LLVM IR Update Oct 24, 2015
Mobile Exploit Intelligence Project Create Apr 28, 2016
Ruby Security Overview add Ruby Security Overview Jun 7, 2015
Security and Your Business HackNY conference slides May 6, 2015
Swift Reversing Add Swift Reversing Jan 5, 2017
The Bad Neighbor rename Nov 22, 2017
The Dream of a Static and Dynamic Analysis Shootout Added inbot talk Nov 1, 2016
The Smart Fuzzer Revolution Update Nov 21, 2017
The Spirit of the 90s is Alive in Brooklyn add summercon 2017 presentation Mar 8, 2018
iOS Application Security Update Jul 18, 2016
iOS Jailbreak Analysis original slides May 6, 2015 Initial commit Apr 29, 2015