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Publications from Trail of Bits

Academic Papers

Paper Title Venue Publication Date
The Past, Present, and Future of Cyberdyne IEEE S&P April 2018
DeepState - Symbolic Unit Testing for C and C++ BAR 2018 February 2018
Cyber-Deception and Attribution in Capture-the-Flag Exercises FOSINT-SI 2015 July 2015

Conference Presentations

Automated bug finding and exploitation

Presentation Title Author(s) Year
Be a binary rockstar Sophia D'Antoine 2017
Symbolic Execution for Humans Mark Mossberg 2017
The spirit of the 90s is still alive in Brooklyn Ryan Stortz, Sophia D'Antoine 2017
The dream of a static and dynamic analysis shootout Ryan Stortz 2016
Binary constraint solving for automatic exploit generation Sophia D'Antoine 2016
The Smart Fuzzer Revolution Dan Guido 2016
Making a scaleable automated hacking system Artem Dinaburg 2016
Cyberdyne - Automatic bug-finding at scale Peter Goodman 2016
McSema - Static translation of x86 instructions to LLVM IR Andrew Ruef, Artem Dinaburg 2014


Presentation Title Author(s) Year
Blackhat Ethereum Ryan Stortz, Jay Little 2018
Blockchain Autopsies - Analyzing Smart Contract Deaths Jay Little 2018
Rattle - an Ethereum EVM binary analysis framework Ryan Stortz 2018
Binary analysis, meet the blockchain Mark Mossberg 2018
Applying Symbolic Execution to Blockchain Applications Mark Mossberg 2018
Automatic bug finding for the blockchain Felipe Manzano, Josselin Feist 2017


Presentation Title Author(s) Year
Analyzing the MD5 collision in Flame Alex Sotirov 2012


Presentation Title Author(s) Year
osquery Super Features Lauren Pearl 2018
osquery Extension Skunkworks Mike Myers 2018
Build it Break it Fix it Andrew Ruef 2014


Presentation Title Author(s) Year
The Joy of Pwning Sophia D'Antoine 2017
How to CTF - Getting and using Other People's Computers (OPC) Jay Little 2014
Low-level Security Andrew Ruef 2014
Security and Your Business Andrew Ruef 2014
Bringing nothing to the party Vincenzo Iozzo 2013
From One Ivory Tower to Another Vincenzo Iozzo 2012

Mobile security

Presentation Title Author(s) Year
Swift Reversing Ryan Stortz 2016
Modern iOS Application Security Sophia D'Antoine, Dan Guido 2016
The Mobile Exploit Intelligence Project Dan Guido 2012
A Tale of Mobile Threats Vincenzo Iozzo 2012

Side channels

Presentation Title Author(s) Year
Hardware side channels in virtualized environments Sophia D'Antoine 2015
Exploiting Out-of-Order Execution Sophia D'Antoine 2015

Threat analysis

Presentation Title Author(s) Year
The Exploit Intelligence Project Revisited Dan Guido 2013

Security Reviews

Product Review Date
NuCypher August 2018
Parity July 2018
Gemini Dollar June 2018
Golem April 2018
LivePeer March 2018
DappHub December 2017
RSKj November 2017
Sai October 2017
zlib September 2016


Workshop Title Venue Date
Manticore EVM Workshop EthCC 2018 March 2018
Manticore Workshop GreHack 2017 October 2017