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iOS applications have become an increasingly popular targets for hackers, reverse engineers, and software pirates. In this presentation, we discuss the current state of iOS attacks, review available security APIs, and reveal why they are not enough to defend against known threats. For high-risk applications, novel protections that go beyond those offered by Apple are required. As a solution, we discuss the design of the [Mobile Application Security Toolkit (MAST)]( which ties together jailbreak detection, anti-debugging, and anti-reversing in LLVM to address these risks.
* [Slides](/iOS%20Application%20Security/iOS%20Application%20Security_notes.pdf) and [Video](
* [Slides](/iOS%20Application%20Security/iOS%20Application%20Security_notes.pdf), [Etsy Video](, [QCon Video](
* [MAST](, the Mobile Application Security Toolkit
* [ReMASTering Applications by Obfuscating during Compilation](
Presented at
* Etsy [Code as Craft](
* [QCon NYC 2016](
* Sophia D'Antoine

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