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Using Manticore and Symbolic Execution to Find Smart Contracts Bugs - Devcon IV


  1. Download these exercises: git clone https://github.com/trailofbits/publications
  2. Go to the workshop directory: cd "publications/workshops/Using Manticore and Symbolic Execution to Find Smart Contracts Bugs - Devcon 4"
  3. Install Manticore: pip3 install manticore --user or docker pull trailofbits/manticore

Manticore 0.2.2 is recommended.

Course content

This is a 2 hour workshop on our symbolic analysis toolkit, Manticore at Devcon 2018. The event serves as a basic introduction to analyze smart contracts using Manticore.

  • exercises.pdf: Exercise descriptions
  • manticore_api.pdf: Basic introduction to the Manticore API
  • presentation.pdf: Slides introducing Manticore and the exercises

Presented at

Authored by

  • Josselin Feist

Consider joining a community of Ethereum security engineers and the developers of Slither, Echidna, and Manticore in the Empire Hacking Slack. We host an open office hours for Ethereum security every other week and coordinate it through this Slack, in addition to announcements on Twitter @trailofbits. Please see our release announcement on our blog for more details: Ethereum security guidance for all.